Performance hacks against visibility anxiety

vom 10. February 2023

Why it’s worth standing in the light!

Visibility can be scary – what if all your flaws and weaknesses become visible? But standing boldly on stage boosts your self-confidence and gains the attention of important people for your goals. Here are some reasons why it’s worth overcoming visibility anxiety:

Success stories often start with risks!

My face was once on the front page of the Bild newspaper after Gerhard Schröder got upset about a political sitcom in which I played the lead role. Although I was anxious and worried, I was surprised at how friendly and curious most of the journalists were. The fuss didn’t affect my career, but I would never have known what I could achieve by taking the risk of making myself visible if I hadn’t exposed myself to the risk.

Learning to harness power and gain self-confidence

Stage fright also has positive aspects

Stage fright is normal, but it can also be used as a natural source of energy. You can learn to redirect the energy and release it in a targeted way to make your goals and intentions brighter, louder and more visible. Breathing techniques and controlling your thoughts can help you to manage this power.

Learning to correctly assess the risk of visibility

What prevents most people from achieving their goals is often the fear of making themselves visible. But not taking this risk is not a solution either. By regularly reflecting on your goals and wishes, you can become aware of what is really important to you and what significance these goals have for your life. This will give you a better idea of whether it’s worth taking the next leap.

Courage pays off

Being courageous means expressing ideas and opinions out loud and showing edges and corners. This can help you to be successful, as people are more likely to remember those who do something remarkable. Courage can also open up new opportunities. Making yourself visible can help you to improve.

By gradually seeking out and using opportunities to draw the gentle and radiant light of attention more and more to yourself, you can practice enduring this public perception. As you get used to it, you will find it easier and easier to put yourself in the spotlight and express your ideas and opinions.

Becoming more visible with more self-confidence and more self-assured thanks to more visibility

It takes time and commitment to get noticed, but breaking out of your comfort zone is worth it.

Visibility can be scary, but with every appearance you gain the attention of people who are important to your goals and you strengthen your self-confidence. It is normal to have stage fright and performance anxiety, but we can learn to control this energy and harness it.

Breathing techniques and controlling your own thoughts are effective ways of dealing with excitement. It is important to regularly take time to think about your own goals and wishes in order to properly assess the risk of visibility.

Remember that fear is a normal human instinct and can also be useful. Don’t let the fear of visibility put you off your goals, find out how you can best empower yourself and then make yourself visible!

And if you’re wondering how this can be done better when working from home, take a look here: Performance hacks for visibility in the home office

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