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Acting & storytelling

Because scenic thinking explains & operates biological and psychological processes

Both when I’m on stage as a speaker and when I’m in front of participants as a trainer in seminars or retreats, I can draw on a huge arsenal of methods and techniques, all of which I was able to learn in my previous professions.

My role as a performance coach, communication coach and presentation trainer gives me daily opportunities to test how acting techniques not only enhance presence and performance, but are also a valuable tool for emotional self-regulation.

In my speaker coaching and presentation training, I combine my passion for design and my expertise in performance, storytelling and emotional self-regulation to help my clients maximize their impact, both on stage and in their professional lives.

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Every conversation is your stage and every performance is a change process

Start now to bring about the change you want to create!

Behind the scenes of success

How I became a speaker and performance coach

It all started right after reunification with my first acting engagement in a provincial town in East Germany. From there, I was drawn into the wild comedy scene of the 90s in Cologne. The highlight for me was certainly the title role in a sitcom about the first red-green government.

That really was a special experience with TV entertainment. I was finally able to try my hand at comedy, while at the same time gaining event experience and being confronted with crisis PR for the first time. Because what a shock to see my face in a photo one morning and my name in a sentence with the word TV scandal on the cover of the Berlin BZ. From then on, this TV scandal gave me a lot of direct experience with the press and, something I’m a bit proud of, even a cover of Zeit magazine.

A crazy experience that I can understand much better in hindsight.

My agent should have played a decisive role during this time, but either he didn’t know how or couldn’t make it happen. So, without further ado, I founded my own agency, which meant working intensively on sales and marketing. After all, I wanted to do things differently than my previous agent.

As there were no personal brand concepts at the time, I set out to find out for myself how I could develop a marketing strategy for personalities, because I wanted to “sell” personalities.

Newspaper clippings from the sitcom "How was I Doris?" with Anna Momber

In Los Angeles, I finally came across Sam Christensen’s fascinating method for understanding and putting into words the first impression you make on others. This method provided a great basis for developing marketing concepts for personalities.

Suddenly I was a speaker and performance coach

At that time, people from other sectors also discovered that it is helpful to engage in self-marketing and more and more clients from industry and business became aware of me.

So one day I was no longer an actress and agent, but a coach and speaker. My experience in the entertainment industry, my expertise in self-marketing and my understanding of psychological and social processes are the basis on which my acting and storytelling skills enable me to help you communicate your message in a convincing way.

Presentations are conversations – and every conversation is your stage!

Hard facts

  • Acting training 1989 to 1994
  • Coaching trainings 2011-2018
  • first day of shooting ever 1982
  • Children’s radio plays in which I have spoken: 23
  • last day of shooting so far 2006
  • first own keynote 2006
  • Keynotes that I have accompanied, so far (estimated) 89
  • Presentations, pitches and masterclasses that I have accompanied so far – no idea, there are too many …
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Your performance decides

Unique and effective performances!

Presentations, talks, pitches and every lecture have one thing in common: they are always about change projects. You always want to move others, to change something. With my help you will become an artist of persuasion. Because every conversation is a stage – you can’t not act, so do it consciously and on purpose!

Fun facts about Anna Momber

Humor is connection

For me, humor is a powerful source of connection between people. John Vorhaus, the Australian comedian, sums it up aptly when he says: “Comedy is truth and pain.” Humor is only funny if it is true/authentic for us as recipients and at the same time the content of the joke must be painful for someone.

Comedy reveals itself as a subtle form of communication. When we laugh, we recognize ourselves and others, especially in our shortcomings, and a special connection is created in this moment. These two elements, humor and connection, prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to getting your message across to others in a powerful way.

Humor strengthens attention

Who looks at their cell phone when they are being entertained?

Humor opens hearts

Who can think of any counter-arguments when you’ve just had a good laugh together?

Humor creates connection

we are much more likely to remember the stories that made us laugh out loud

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An example from my life: At the time, I didn’t understand why the PR man at RTL kept suggesting that I needed my own PR support.

Today I know that his job was crisis PR, to pull the cart out of the mud, and mine would have been to stoke the scandal fire.

I was young then and today I am a coach (and show my clients how to do it really well)!

A look into the past: old clips from the comedy era!

A short compilation of some productions from my time as an actress.

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