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Presentation and performance online courses for those who don’t want to wait …

… until I finally have time for a digital coffee or until my next speaker retreat takes place.
And for all the impatient ones who prefer to learn on their own anyway.
Be inspired by my digital content and offers around performance and presentations, feel invited to browse through my virtual coaching library.

Here you will find content on storytelling, acting for business, performance and self-management. Not all of my content is easy to communicate online, simply because it is physical or because it involves personal processes.
However, everything that can be learned digitally will be published here bit by bit. I promise!

Gravitas & Impact for changemakers and all those who inspire and move with their ideas – in my performance online courses.

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Excellent presentations in Microsoft Teams

Would you like to take your presentation skills in Microsoft Teams to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The course “Excellent Presenting in Microsoft Teams” enables you to improve your presentation and communication skills, specifically tailored to the requirements of virtual presentations in Microsoft Teams.

Whether you already have experience in virtual presentations or are just starting out, this course will give you the tools and knowledge to excel at presenting in Microsoft Teams.

Perfect your online presence and make yourself visible in your company.

Book the course “Excellent Presentations in Microsoft Teams” now and become visible in your company!

Excellent presentations in Microsoft Teams - Video online course

Why this course is special

Together with Peter Claus Lamprecht – Mr.Präsentare!

I developed this course together with a visualization expert – Peter Claus Lamprecht.
Peter Claus shows you how you can make the most of the technology in Teams and PowerPoint for your performance and how you can strategically and technically increase your visibility. From the basics to advanced tips and tricks, he’s got them all!

Take your virtual presentations to the next level:

In this course, you will learn from me how to not only give a technically brilliant presentation, but also how to become excellent in terms of performance. With proven methods and insider tips, you will ensure that your message comes across clearly, convincingly and professionally and that you can also be counted on in the home office!

If you fancy testing us as a duo:

Then listen to our podcast! You’ll find more than 100 episodes with valuable tips and inspiration.

For example, you can work your way through our thematic listening lists.

First aid for your next performance!

coming soon

Do you have to give an important presentation or lecture in a few days? Time is far too short for coaching, but you still want to give it your all? Don’t worry, our video course is just right for you! In just a few hours, you’ll learn the essential techniques to give a confident and convincing presentation, even when time is working against you.

One thing is clear: perfection takes time!
But if you really don’t have time, I’ll help you make the most of the time you do have in this video course. Get ready to take your presentation to the next level with confidence and composure. Get access to my course now and rock the stage, even if time is short!

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Course content:

  • Self-control techniques for confidence: discover how to get a grip on your nerves and stay in control even in stressful situations. I’ll show you practical exercises to help you stay calm.
  • Emergency measures for your storyline: Short on time to make your story more interesting? No problem! With me you will find proven “do’s and don’ts” for a captivating storyline to reach your audience.
  • Tips for quickly optimizing your slides: Even if time is short, you can enhance your presentation slides. Learn how to make them more appealing and convey important information effectively.
  • Quick help for your performance: With my valuable tips and tricks, you can improve your performance in no time at all. Whether posture, voice or expression – you will make noticeable progress in no time at all.

Stories that move: Convincing storytelling

coming soon

Unleash the power of your stories: Storytelling with impact! Stories are a powerful tool to move, inspire and convince people. But how can you ensure that your stories really make an impression?
My course “Storytelling with impact” shows you the way!

Whether you use stories for presentations, marketing or personal events, this course will give you the tools and understanding to tell stories with real impact. You will learn how to win the hearts and minds of your audience and anchor your messages for the long term.

By subscribing to my newsletter, you won’t miss out when the course “Stories that move: convincing storytelling” comes out!

What you can expect in this course:

  • The art of storytelling: Explore the fascinating world of storytelling and understand why stories are so powerful and how you can use them specifically to get my message across.
  • Structure and emotion: Find out how to structure your stories to increase suspense and arouse emotions in the audience and draw them into the spell of your stories.
  • Authenticity and connection: Discover how to stay authentic while building a deep connection with your audience. Practical tips show you how you can incorporate your personality into your stories.
  • The wow factor: Find out how to give your stories the “wow factor” so that they are remembered for a long time and leave a lasting impression.

Not the right one for you?

You want to work with me, but need something else? With pleasure!

The best thing to do is to find an appointment for a virtual coffee in my calendar and tell me about it!

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Take Microsoft Teams presentations to the next level!

I have worked through the “Excellent Presentations in Microsoft Teams” course – in total it’s 3 hours of material, packed into easy to absorb chunks!
What I implemented immediately: Clever camera use, more structured slides and the use of storytelling for emotional connection. The cameo function and the section zoom are also great options.

Ingo Lücker

Managing Partner, VALID Digital Agency GmbH

The workshop with Anna on the subject of “self-marketing” was not only great fun, but also super helpful. I learned from Anna how important it is to breathe correctly and that dots can also be used as punctuation marks 😉.

Dr. Anna Gehring

Consultant, UNITY

Your coach

My expertise

As a TV actress, comedienne and playwright, I have first-hand experience of how to entertain and move people on stage and in public. As an acting agent, I helped people build their brands before personal branding became popular. In my work with clients, I have discovered that acting techniques not only improve presence and performance, but also help with emotional self-regulation. I combine my passion and knowledge in the areas of performance, storytelling and emotional self-regulation to help you increase your impact on stage and in your professional life.

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Anna Momber Performance Coach with laptop

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