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for changemakers and all those who inspire and move with their ideas – because showing your face and having an impact is part of your job

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Communication is a superpower

As a speaker and performance coach, I help you to use your full potential in communication and to develop excellent communication skills. With me, everything that really helps you to score points in pitches, on stage and in meetings comes from a single source:

Acting methods and storytelling techniques!

Everything Hollywood has to offer in terms of effective tools, knowledge and skills to convince and inspire others quickly, anytime and anywhere.

Presentation training for changemakers in the company

Convince and drive change with presentations, pitches & appearances

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Performance coaching for changemakers who want to achieve great things

More gravitas and impact for your ideas, visions and yourself with storytelling & acting tools

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Changemakers want impact & gravitas

acting for business – the art of persuasion

The first step is to recognize the dramaturgy of your own story and situation and use it to create the desired emotional kick. Learning how to create tension and comedy, overcome conflict and masterfully stage the climax of a story is the key to truly convincing performance.

During my training as an actress, I learned performance and self-control techniques, which I have perfected as a speaker coach for my clients.

The secret of my success lies in compressing these methods (for which actors are trained for 3-4 years) in such a way that all techniques can be used immediately for an outstanding performance and my clients make a serious difference from the start of the collaboration.

Communication techniques suitable for everyday use

Acting technique for everyone

Acting tools are techniques whose communicative radiance does not only work for the stage. On the contrary, they also help to make presentations captivating, convince in negotiations and give inspiring speeches. The skills you learn in my performance coaching are easy to use and real game changers in both professional and private one-on-one conversations.

Want to use the art of acting techniques? Let me support you and help you achieve your goals.

Your performance decides

Unique and effective performances!

Every presentation, every conversation, every pitch and every speech is a change project. With my help, you will become a persuader. Because every conversation is a stage – you can’t not work, so do it consciously and on purpose!

Who is my Performance
coaching right for?

You’ve come to the right place if you:

  • want to move the world with your performances as a change maker
  • are an experienced speaker and are looking for speaker coaching to grow further
  • want to go on stage with confidence and presence
  • want to improve your presentation skills and appear convincing
  • want to use acting techniques and storytelling to convey complex content in such a way that it is understood and sticks
  • on all your stages, want to convince and inspire
  • want toachieve your goals in important conversations
  • want to score points with your ideas in the meeting

You get from me:

  • Tools from Hollywood that are simple and effective
  • More clarity, energy & creativity
  • the balance between challenge and support
  • a transformative work process
  • Knowledge and understanding of your neural and social systems

You can:

  • act confidently & successfully in your professional roles
  • fill your stages with confidence & presence
  • communicate your messages sustainably and effectively
  • become truly visible and audible
  • Make a difference with your personality
  • Gain charisma & gravitas

About Anna Momber

Why I can do this and how I do it

I spent 15 years on stage and in front of the camera, then ran an acting agency, wrote jokes for latenight shows and have been accompanying non-actors on stage for 20 years.

I’m interested in how all the fantastic skills that go into acting techniques can also be used by you and how communication can become effective. I am constantly learning new things and have a network from the worlds of business, research and art to support me.

Convincing and engaging is not rocket science

Anyone can learn performance & presence

Anyone can learn to speak confidently and convincingly – even legendary speakers like Steve Jobs weren’t born brilliant speakers. On the contrary, Steve Jobs worked hard to become as brilliant as we all remember him.

The focus on self-management and emotional self-regulation will give you the foundation you need to learn how to communicate your message effectively and inspire your audience.

My individual coaching takes your skills to the next level.

Anna Momber points to her head

Every conversation is a stage

at least when it is important

If you think through and prepare for important conversations in the same way you prepare for a keynote or pitch, then you’re doing everything right!

Conversations that really matter are your stage. And every stage situation and every presentation should be like a conversation!

Conversations always include change processes

just like every performance or lecture

Most people go on stage or into a conversation and want to deliver their information. What a pity! This means that many opportunities to achieve more are missed.

In truth, your audience always wants to move from one state of thought or knowledge A to another – preferably the one you want – state B.
Acting tools and storytelling are the tools that enable you to do this!

Anna Momber on the phone


Let’s talk! It’s best if you pick a date for a virtual coffee in my calendar and tell me about yourself.

I came to Anna with the aim of improving my stage skills and left with an awareness of my own effectiveness. I realized that I have a very individual expertise, that I have something to say and, more importantly, that I want to say it.

The emphatic impulses and the joint work with Anna were important building blocks on my way to founding my own consulting company. Thanks Anna, I needed the push!

Katja Garff

Executive Partner , makers & breakers GmbH

Anna coaches me for my speech writing and public performances and has brought my storytelling and my on stage presence to a new level. Working with Anna is always meaningful, very effective and great fun as she creates an environment of mutual trust enabling personal reflection and growth.

Adrian Weiersmueller

Country Marketing Manager Austria & Switzerland, Google

My customers work here

Do you want to take your communication to the next level?

With full focus & commitment

Then my speaker retreat is just right for you! Whether you are an experienced speaker or a beginner, the “Your act of change” speaker retreat in France offers you the opportunity to work holistically on your skills, build self-confidence and gain unforgettable experiences.

Why this retreat is unique:

  • Intensive & individual coaching in small groups
  • Time for your process
  • Your preparation and follow-up session is completely tailored to you

  • Self-management and emotion regulation
  • Beautiful surroundings – the beauty of the French countryside will enhance your creativity and relaxation
  • Community and fun – meet like-minded people, network and learn from others

Are you ready to embark on your transformative journey? Then secure your place now!

View into the large room of the event space "Extraraum" in Hamburg Eppendorf
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