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Presentation training for changemakers in the company

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Our coaching services

for companies with impact

Communication & Presence Coaching

Customized presentation & performance coaching for managers & experts

Presentation basics and excellence training

so that your presentation and pitch skills go through the roof


for your presentations, pitches, roadshows and keynotes

Simply achieve more with your communication & performance

Because even small and simple hacks make a big difference and give you changemakers and world changers more impact and gravitas.

Emotions are change drivers

Wouldn’t it be nice if your colleagues and customers looked forward to your presentations? If you were sure that everyone was really listening all the time and not playing on their cell phones or answering emails …

Do you want the presentations on behalf of your company to be rousing speeches and bring about long-lasting change? The key people in your company could do with a special kind of presentation training yesterday rather than today?

Our presentation and performance training will turn you and your employees into the driving and most convincing changemakers in your company and your industry.

Convincing presentations and rousing keynotes for visionaries

How good ideas become narratives

Do you have people in your company who have great ideas but simply run out of steam when it comes to rhetoric, body language and storytelling during presentations? Well-trained specialists and managers who, due to stage fright and poor presentation skills, would rather sink to the ground than present their painstakingly created PowerPoint presentation to more than a handful of listeners?
As experienced presentation trainers, we support you as performance coaches in taking the speaker skills of all relevant players in your company to a new level. With the right presentation techniques, every employee can learn to present confidently – whether in a meeting, seminar, elevator pitch or keynote speech.

Presentation training for employees – convincing presentations for change

  • Ensure that self-management and emotional self-regulation support your managers and experts to appear relaxed and confident in front of their audience.
  • Use the power of storytelling to make your message inescapable. Because your content can be captivating stories that engage and inspire your audience.
  • Reach the hearts of your audience by using acting techniques to structure your presentations, speeches and workshops in a more engaging and effective way.

Let’s work together to perfect your presentation and pitch skills and get your message across in a way that lasts.

When it comes to pouring your ideas into really good presentations and achieving your goals with convincing rhetoric, I and my team are the right presentation trainers at your side.

Anna Momber orange sweater Presentation training for companies

Speak convincingly: learn how to strengthen your mission with the right voice and rhetoric

Cool, it takes time – anyone can be fast and everyone is NOT Steve Jobs!

If you want to perform like Steve Jobs, you have to get down on your knees like Steve Jobs!

Invest now in the development of your teams, leaders and experts, get direct feedback and turn them into presentation experts, brilliant brand ambassadors and charismatic speakers for your message.

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Communication coaching for presentations

for managers and expert groups

With our customized presentation coaching, we intensify your public speaking skills and your speaking opportunities. By specifically developing your charisma and sharpening your storytelling, your presentations and keynotes will become captivating stories. You manage to establish a real connection with the audience and make a lasting impression on your viewers. We always focus on emotional self-regulation so that you can remain calm and composed even in stressful situations and drive your company forward with successful presentations and pitches.

Experience has shown that presentation coaching sessions for employees last between 12 and 20 hours and can take place virtually or on site.


  • Self-management & sovereignty
  • Voice & language
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Gestures & facial expressions
  • Storytelling
  • Self-marketing

Presentation basics and excellence training

for teams

Our presentation and speech training courses offer your teams the opportunity to take their presentation and pitch skills through the roof. We always pick you up exactly where you are (whether on the ceiling or in a hole in the floor) and make sure that you are already emotionally prepared for the upcoming pitch and can achieve much more with sustainable and decisive changes.

The basic presentation training courses give your employees solid basic knowledge of public speaking and presentation techniques.

But of course we would like to go one step further with you and your team:

With the excellence presentation training courses, you will hone these skills and become true masters in the art of speaking and presenting.

We not only strengthen your communication skills, but also promote your emotional self-regulation so that you can act confidently in any situation.

Your requirements are the yardstick by which the scope and structure of the measure and the appropriate network trainers are selected for you. In this way, we guarantee that you will be able to cope with even the biggest changes effortlessly!

The basic training courses

can take place virtually or on site and last between 4 hours and 2 days.

The excellence trainings:

can take place virtually or on site and in any case last at least virtually. 4 times 4 hours or 2 times 2 days on site.

“Training-as-a-Service” for your presentation/pitch training

Ready for the boost?

Performance Training as a Service ” is the key to greater success and self-confidence. The “Training-as-a-Service” concept is an innovative approach that provides training services in a flexible and service-oriented form. Instead of going through traditional, rigid training programs, I offer a flexible solution that provides coaching and training on demand.

This training concept, which is unique in Germany, enables companies to organize their training and further education more efficiently and in line with demand, similar to other services offered “as a service”. You can find an example flyer here:


Our TaaS process is based on demand, is carried out both digitally, virtually and on site and takes at least two weeks. 3 and max. 6. months.

Depending on your needs and the amount of work involved, we will deploy exactly the right network trainers for you. In this way, we ensure that you will master the really big changes with ease!

Key elements of this training concept

  1. On-demand topics are available online
  2. No pressure refueling, but needs-based further development
  3. Iterative learning on challenges that have an immediate impact instead of “stockpiling” learning
  4. Individual learning process tracking ensures that employees make a difference in every case
  5. Demand-oriented scalability

Acting tools and storytelling for more impact & gravitas for your message and the success of your company.

What our customers say about us:

The performance coaching with Anna was incredibly inspiring. Anna has a really great and empathetic manner and knows how to respond to individual needs and encourage people to go beyond their comfort zone. She looks and addresses blind spots. Thank you Anna for your tips and tricks and your inspiration. Gladly again 🙂

Ann-Katrin Gäbelein

Expert Employer Branding & Recruiting, Weischer

I have been working with Anna in various contexts for several years now and for me she is not only a top colleague in all respects, but also a motivator and role model. So it was only logical that I put myself in her hands to prepare my keynote presentation. Anna reads very quickly between the lines about what is important to me and what hurdles need to be overcome. Thank you for your many valuable tips and for swearing, laughing and trying things out together!

Julia Holze

Tech Entrepreneur | Business Designer, Cosmic Gold

I had the pleasure of being coached by Anna for acting. She is a fantastic coach who knows how to bring out the best in her students. She taught me breathing techniques that enhanced my voice, expression, and confidence on stage. These techniques also helped me deal with stress and anxiety in various situations. I still practice them regularly to maintain my well-being. Anna is a kind, empathetic, and full of energy coach who has made a positive difference in my life. She deserves all the praise and recognition for her work.

Martina Vollmer

Philanthropy | Identity and Access | Cloud Solution Architec, Microsoft

Anna coaches me for my speech writing and public performances and has brought my storytelling and my on stage presence to a new level. Working with Anna is always meaningful, very effective and great fun as she creates an environment of mutual trust enabling personal reflection and growth.

Adrian Weiersmueller

Country Marketing Manager Austria & Switzerland, Google

Our expertise as trainers for your talks and presentations

Your coach & the team

As a TV actress, comedienne and playwright, Anna has first-hand experience of how to present herself on stage and in public, and how to entertain and move her audience. As an acting agent, she helped people build their brands before personal branding was even popular. In her work with clients, she has discovered that acting techniques not only improve rhetoric, presence and performance, but are also helpful in emotional self-regulation.

As your contact person for all strategic questions, she will put together the team that will provide you with lasting support in turning your employees into convincing communicators for your company’s message.

She combines her passion and knowledge in the areas of performance, storytelling and emotional self-regulation to help you and her team enhance your message on stage and your self-efficacy in everyday professional life.

Anna Momber shakes your hand

Our joint path to your performance goal

The coaching process

1. start with a virtual coffee

Our journey together begins with a 30-minute virtual coffee. During this time, we find out what you or your company or employees need, whether our methods and solutions are suitable and what our collaboration could look like.

2. process planning

We define the training goal, our work rhythm, the individual steps of the learning process and milestones that can be reached on the way to success.

3. training & coaching

As soon as we get started, we will keep you up to date with feedback on the process. This is how you reach your first milestones.

4. process optimization

Our collaboration continuously adapts to your needs and individual developments.

5. process success

We will be at your side until the finish line. You achieved your goal because everyone was committed, had fun and was able to develop charisma and build a strong performance step by step.


Let’s talk and book a no-obligation virtual coffee with Anna!

You want to work with us, but didn’t find what you were looking for?

Let’s talk about your performance wishes!

The best thing to do is to find a date for a virtual coffee in Anna’s calendar and tell her about it!

Anna Momber on the phone

Which trainings you don’t get with us

We don’t do last-minute firefighting missions for presentations

If we have never worked together before and you or your employees have to go on stage in a few days and at the last moment you think it would be good to get support, then I will NOT support you!

Because in situations like this, we can only lose …

If you still want my help, then book my

First Aid Online Course

! I have developed it exactly for this case. This way, you can create the security you need right now at your own pace and in your own time!

And if you would like to work with me on an ongoing basis, then I look forward to getting to know you!

We don’t do presentation training or off-the-peg seminars!

I have a lot of experience in accompanying people on their stages and developing them into charismatic speakers, but there is no one solution for everyone! One person’s success is hindered by their voice, another person’s body language, yet another person’s rhetoric or lack of presentation techniques or PowerPoint skills.

My solutions are always adapted to your current challenge and will take you from where you are to where you want to be!

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