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vom 22. January 2023

Stay visible when working from home and position yourself for the next career move!

In the new era of working from home, where the workplace is increasingly shifting to the digital space, a whole new challenge arises: remaining visible while setting the course for the next career step. Office life as we knew it – characterized by spontaneous encounters and visible achievements – is transforming into a world in which visibility requires conscious design. This is exactly what my performance hacks for visibility pay off.

Because conscious design opens up completely new opportunities for you to be “visible” in your home office. It’s not just about being seen in the digital flood, but about targeted positioning for career advancement opportunities. This is exactly why I developed the video online course “Excellent Presentations in Microsoft Teams” in collaboration with Peter Claus Lamprecht. The course offers valuable insights for anyone who wants to optimize their online presence. However, before you set out to learn the intricacies of digital self-presentation, it’s important to understand why your chances of being visible while working from home are particularly good. In the new reality of working from home, it is crucial to strategically plan and implement your own presence in the virtual space, almost like your own TV show. Every interaction and every participation in virtual meetings or networking events can be used in a targeted manner to precisely control visibility – precisely tailored to your own career goals.

Just like in a TV show, where the director controls the action, you can influence how you are perceived in your home office.

From the design of the background to the image section in video conferences – every decision shapes the image you present to others.
It’s not just about appearance, but also about content and communication style. Every online interaction offers the opportunity to showcase your skills and strengths. By consciously planning and implementing your online presence, you can control your visibility in the home office – increasing it when necessary and keeping it in the background when restraint is appropriate.
Using specific features in platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom can be crucial to staying visible in virtual meetings – and this is much more effective than being just one small stamp among many.
The “Spotlight for all” function in Microsoft Teams, for example, makes it possible to highlight your own video for all participants, which is particularly useful in large meetings. Instead of getting lost in the crowd, you become the center of attention. The same applies to Zoom, which can be used to make yourself clearly visible during a presentation or important announcement.

However, if you decide to use these functions and thus step into the limelight, it is all the more important to be convincing in terms of performance. This includes the deliberate use of gestures and facial expressions to emphasize the message and create a lively, memorable presence. It’s not just about being seen, but also about HOW you are seen. This and much more exciting information on technology and performance in your online presence can be found in detail in our video online course “Excellent presentations in Microsoft Teams”.
Good performance in virtual meetings also includes clear and distinct expression, maintaining eye contact through the camera and taking lighting and image composition into account. All these elements contribute to building a strong and impressive presence when you are in the spotlight in the virtual space.

Network development and maintenance in the home office

The active use of professional networks such as LinkedIn or Xing is crucial. Here you can not only present your professional profile, but also get and stay in contact with colleagues, superiors and industry experts. Regularly posting relevant content, commenting on others’ posts and sharing your own experiences and insights help to build a visible and influential presence.

It’s about being visible and maintaining genuine relationships at the same time. Digital coffee meetings, participating in virtual industry events or webinars and holding professional discussions via social media are all effective ways to expand and strengthen your network.

Don’t forget that networking is a two-way activity. It’s not just about what you can get from others, but also what you can offer others. Sharing knowledge, offering support and introducing contacts are important aspects that contribute to a strong and healthy network.
You can find out what else you can do to strengthen your online presence and get your message across convincingly and clearly in virtual meetings or presentations in my articles and in the articles by Peter Claus PC’L Lamprecht. Just browse through our posts and articles. Or you can get our video learning course.

And for those who want to delve even deeper into the subject matter: In my speaker retreats, you have the opportunity to further deepen these skills and establish yourself as a communication champion!

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