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Your act of change:
Change the world with your words

View of the sunset by the river from the terrace of the Speaker Retreat in France

Are you ready to take your communication to the next level?

Our speaker retreats will help you on stage, in your next negotiation, your next meeting and in your personal life. Perfect your ability to convince and inspire people, strengthen your stage presence and gain charisma & gravitas – with acting and storytelling.

View into the large room of the event space "Extraraum" in Hamburg Eppendorf

Your rehearsal weekend

April 6-7, 2024

Final photo with speaker retreat participants after the final performance at the castle

Speaker Retreat – Women only

June 28 – July 6, 2024

Final photo with speaker retreat participants after the final performance at the castle

Visibility & Resonance – Speaker Boost Camp

September 6 – 14, 2024

What & where are our speaker retreats

Learn & enjoy savoir vivre

Experience the magic of our speaker retreats! Here you will learn effective techniques and methods to leave a visible mark with your ideas and convince others. Our retreats offer the perfect mix of performance and storytelling, of acting tools and self-control, so that you can be successful in any situation.

Book one of our sneak-peak workshops in Hamburg to get to know our methods and instructors. Or opt for an intensive speaker retreat in picturesque Cantal, France, where you can learn acting techniques and storytelling skills – in the middle of nature!

Book today and take your speaking skills to the next level!

Speakers at the 2023 retreat on the terrace with a view of the ruins of Laroquebrou Castle

Who else is at the speaker retreat?

Coaches & Participants

Together with a small and select group of people who – like you – want to change the world or their company with their ideas, you will learn how to successfully create impact and gravitas with your speeches and presentations.

You will be supported by Anna, who in her first life as an actress and comedienne has acquired “craft” tools for voice and body language. She will pass all this on to you with great passion and joy. Anna accompanies speakers from the digital economy, science and green tech to the stages of the relevant trade fairs and conferences and hopefully soon you too.

You want to achieve more and inspire your audience!

Acting techniques and storytelling

After actors had been practicing learning-by-doing for a very long time, a few of them set out to explore their own techniques about a hundred and fifty years ago. Their aim was to bundle the accumulated knowledge and pass it on as teachings. This has given rise to a variety of methods and approaches, all of which are united by the fact that they help to give people a “superhuman” effect.

Similarly, a good forty years ago, some screenwriters in Hollywood began to wonder whether there could be rules and systems that could explain when and why one story becomes successful and another does not. The findings of C.G. Jung and Joseph Campel, among others, were used for this purpose.

So you already have the knowledge and methods you need to achieve more, inspire and convince others!
In our speaker retreats you will learn how to use them.

For you as a speaker and communicator, your body language, your vocal expressiveness, your gripping storytelling and your staging are your tools – we take a close look at everything and take it to the next level together. By turning your stories into narratives and bringing into play exactly those acting tools that best support you in strengthening your impact.

The retreats

in Hamburg & in France

Your rehearsal – Speaker Weekend

April 6-7, 2024

Strengthen your confident appearance in 2 days and find out how you can convince with your topic, your idea and as a personality. You learn to act confidently and spontaneously on all your stages and are then ready for your next negotiation or any other challenge.

These weekends are suitable both as an introduction to working with acting tools and storytelling, as well as a refresher or if you want to challenge your next keynote!

Your investment: 910€*

View into the large room of the event space "Extraraum" in Hamburg Eppendorf

Speaker Retreat – Women only

June 28 – July 6, 2024

In an all-female group, you can use the 7 days to develop your presentation and strengthen your performance. No matter where you are in your development process, we pick you up right there and strengthen your confidence in your appearance or in all other contexts in which you want to make a difference. Only those who know and can control their body can use it effectively. We’ll get you moving so that your story moves the world!
In this retreat you will be accompanied by Anna and Tina Barkmann (certified yoga teacher & dancer) with a focus on your physical presence.
We would be delighted if you would book further days afterwards, either to go on vacation or workation or to continue working with us.

Your investment: 4,403€*

Final photo with speaker retreat participants after the final performance at the castle

Dare to be visible, create resonance – Speaker Boost Camp

September 6 – 14, 2024

7 days to prepare you for your next challenge and strengthen your performance. No matter where you are in your development process, we will pick you up right there. We strengthen your confident appearance so that your story can move the world! In this retreat you will be accompanied by Anna and Simone Dietrich (Dialect & Voice Coach), with whom you will work on your vocal sound and – if necessary – also on your English pronunciation. You will also work with Nina Grützmacher (photographer) to develop and implement your own individual and authentic visibility concept. Not only will you go home with new performance skills and an effective story, but also with photos that give you visibility and link your message to you.
Additional days can then be booked on site, either for vacation or workation or to continue working with us.

Your investment: €5,195*

The terrace of the house by the river where the Speaker reterat takes place.

*Included are VAT, all coaching sessions, activities, the photo session & 1 edited photo with all rights, accommodation & meals – NOT included are the arrival and departure! All details can be found in the flyer, which you can download here.

Acting and storytelling are the tools with which you achieve what you want to achieve – on all your stages.


Confident appearance & gripping storytelling

‘Your Act of Change’ is more than a speaker academy or speaker camp – it’s your chance to learn how to use your personality and skills to shape the world with your ideas.
The acting tools and storytelling offer you all the tricks to perform sustainably on all your stages in the future. Whether it’s your next salary negotiation, your most important pitch or a keynote speech at a congress.
If you know how best to present yourself and your strengths AND make sure you come across as confident and assured, then you can change the world with your words and your performance.

Anna Momber points to her head
View of the castle ruins above the town of Laroquebrou from the terrace of the Speaker Camp

The retreats are right for you if you

  • want to move others with your speeches and presentations
  • plan to surpass yourself with your next keynote
  • will change the world with your ideas
  • want to communicate purposefully and successfully at all levels and on all stages
  • want to be able to react calmly and confidently in difficult situations
  • want to have natural charisma and charisma on stage
  • want to get Impact & Gravitas
  • want to master your next professional challenge (such as salary interviews, application processes, etc.) confidently and successfully

Anna reads between the lines very quickly to find out what is important to me and what hurdles need to be overcome. During the speaker retreat, we worked on the story as well as on an authentic appearance and inner attitude. Thank you for the many valuable tips and the shared ranting, laughing and trying things out!

Julia Holze

Tech Entrepreneur | Business Designer, Cosmic Gold

I would never have thought how crucial my stage presence would be for my day-to-day work as a sparring partner for entrepreneurs. This realization has decisively changed my professional approach.
The atmosphere that Anna and her team created at the speaker retreat was not only educational, but also warm and supportive. The secluded, enchanting surroundings in France contributed to this. “Nicely locked up” has a whole new meaning. The integration of body and voice as a holistic means of expression has taken my presentation skills to a new level. Thank you once again for this enriching experience.

Angelika Goll

Tech Entrepreneur | Business Designer, Business Enabler

The house & the place

nicely locked up

In France, nature is endless: in the middle of it all, on the edge of the volcanic mountains of the Auvergne, lies the Cantal. And in the lower left corner of the Cantal lies Laroquebrou.
The small medieval town is the perfect place if you really want to get out and yet remain accessible at all times, asthe fiber optic network is faster than in Hamburg and the small town has a train station.

With its rolling hills, ancient atmosphere and endless forests and fields, Laroquebrou is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And the old stable building by the river, where we work and live, is the ideal place to find yourself and grow beyond yourself.
We are sure that you will find what you need here!

You will sleep in one of the 5 individually designed rooms in the house or in one of the small, charming hotel rooms on the other side of the street. We will eat on the dreamy terrace with a view of the river. We work downstairs in the old stable and upstairs in one of the communal rooms.
In your free time, or whenever you just want to get out and about, you can grab our SUP and head down to the lake. Or simply stroll across the bridge and then have a coffee in front of the church.


This route is worth the journey

It is possible to take the night train from Paris on Friday or Saturday before breakfast. You can also fly to Toulouse and come to us from there by train or rental car.
If you want to drive, then take your time!

What you can expect

A small impression of the contents
& procedures in the retreat


(1h about 2-3 weeks before the retreat / sneak peak)

I would like to discuss your needs and wishes for the retreat and give you some initial tips for your performance and storytelling.

Sneak Peak procedure

Saturday – Input Acting & Storytelling
Sunday – Rehersals & final presentation

Retreat schedule

Friday – Arrival & getting to know each other
Saturday – Excursion & focus on you and your goals
Sunday to Tuesday – Acting, storytelling & individual sessions
Wednesday – Excursion & focus on your presence
Thursday – Rehersals
Friday – Final presentation
Saturday – Departure

Daily schedule example retreat

8h time for exercise
9h Breakfast & Q&A
10h Acting Session 1
13h Lunch
15h Storytelling Session 2
17h Single Sessions
19h Dinner

I want to be there!

I would like to learn to speak convincingly and engagingly

Contact me via this form to find out more about the speaker retreat or sneak peak of your choice and to register. I look forward to working with you and developing your performance skills together!

14 + 11 =

What you bring to the table is unique!

And it’s exactly what you need to get your message and vision out into the world. Let’s work together to ensure that your next performance really makes a difference!

Anna Momber with glasses, cropped