“My 60 Sec”

vom 5. March 2024

Lingua nerd Simone Dietrich explores the meaning of the word “human”

This week, Simone shares one of her passions with us and takes us into her lingua nerd world. Her journey into the past to the roots of the word “human” offers a quick analysis of the evolution of language and meaning and shows how these shape our perception of – in this case – humanity.

Simone begins with a look back to when “human” and “humane” were used interchangeably until around 1450, both inspired by the Latin words “man” for human and “humus” for earth. Over time, however, these terms have diverged. “Human” retained its association with people, while “humane” described those qualities that were considered human. Simone shares her vision with us that “being human” should once again become a synonym for “acting in a humane way”.

Exercise: Discover the power of your words

Be inspired by Simone’s passion for language and take a moment to explore the meaning of one of the words you use often. Find out which root word it comes from and what meanings it has taken on over time. This reflection on the meaning of the words we choose can strengthen our verbal expressiveness and deepen our gravitas.
… and it gets really exciting when you use the same word e.g. in German AND English.

Deepening in the speaker retreat

For all those who want to develop their communication and self-presentation skills, Simone Dietrich is offering a unique opportunity in September as a lecturer at the speaker retreat “Your act of change – daring visibility & creating resonance”.

Our retreat will show you new ways to increase your visibility and create a real resonance with your target group. By exploring the power of words, your voice and the stories you tell, you will build a deeper connection to your humanity and therefore to your listeners.

Simone Dietrich’s latest “My 60 Seconds” is a reminder that engaging with language not only enables us to sharpen our communication, but also to better understand and positively influence the world around us. Let it inspire you and ignite your spirit of exploration, and consciously use the power of your words to inspire and drive change.

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