Who is German?

vom 20. February 2024

What the linguistic expression reveals about the speaker

In the last impulse of “My 60 seconds”, Simone Dietrich took us into the fascinating world of language training for actors and gave us a first insight into the power of words with “Not my jam” and how linguistic expression can reveal so much about the speaker. This time, “Who is German?” is about the fact that you can sound German – even without knowing German.

In these 60 seconds, there is an impressive audio excerpt from the Amazon Prime series “Hanna”, in which two actors talk to each other in German. What’s special about it? One of the two is not only not a native speaker, but doesn’t actually speak any German at all – and yet you can hardly hear any difference!

In this “My 60 Seconds” impulse, Simone discusses not only the art and technique behind such authentic linguistic expression, but also how certain sounds and accents can provide deeper insights into a speaker’s identity and culture.

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