Is that french?

vom 27. February 2024

Simone Dietrich on the effect of language & words

Rattling sounds, exciting insights: Simone Dietrich takes us on an acoustic journey in her latest audioblog “My 60 Seconds”.

Imagine this: Two station announcements, one in German, the other in French – and yet they sound amazingly similar. As if they were both the same language.

Why is that? Nasality is the key.

In her charming analysis, Simone takes us into the world of nasal sounds, which are completely natural in some languages and lead to incomprehensibility in others.
🎶 Because nasality makes no difference at all to someone who is not familiar with either German or French. That makes German sound damn French …

Let Simone show you how nasality can shape our perception of speech – and perhaps discover a new side to your own way of speaking.

You can also find Simone on Instagram in-between-accents!

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